How to upload site to specific subpage

by daniel_ev   Last Updated May 27, 2016 08:01 AM

I have two sites. One I created in Adobe Muse and uploaded it to through FileZilla. The other was created outside of Adobe Muse, and has its own CSS stylesheets and PHP code.

I want to upload this second site to

Things I've tried:

  • Uploading the second site to a new folder ("Subpage").
  • Moving "subpage.html" to the root folder, while keeping other assets in the Subpage folder.
  • Renaming "subpage.html" inside the subpage folder to index.html.
  • And so on.

So far I haven't been able to access the second page at the address I wanted it to be. What am I doing wrong here?

Answers 1

If you're making a subfolder, you should let all the files in the folder, rename the subpage.html to index.html and access as:

If you want a subpage ( then drop ALL the files on the main folder OR drop in a subfolder ( and correct all the links on your subpage.html to link correctly (change your "css/css.css" to "stuffforthesubpage/css/css.css")

May 26, 2016 23:28 PM

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