How do I link to web pages with umlauts in their file name?

by René Nyffenegger   Last Updated March 06, 2016 01:01 AM

I am trying to create a HTML link to a web page hosted on an Apache server that contains umlauts (in my test case it is ä.html).

So I tried the following in HTML:

<a href='ä.html'>ä.html</a>

<a href='&auml;.html'>&amp;auml;.html</a>

<a href='%C3%A4.html'>%C3%A4.html</a>


<a href='%E4.html'>%E4.html</a>

Only the last link fetched the page I intended. The other links gave me a 404.

Of course, I'd rather go with the first two options. Is there a way to configure a directory directive such that this is possible?

Unfortunately, I have no admin rights on the server. I can only change the .htaccess in the directory.

Answers 1

Are you sure that <a href='&auml;.html'>&amp;auml;.html</a> doesn't work? It should link to the right document (although the link text will be wrong, as you also encoded the &; the correct way to do this would be <a href='&auml;.html'>&auml;.html</a>).

However, if you just want to use umlaute directly, you can do so by making sure that:

  • You saved your file with a character set that allows umlaute (eg utf8).
  • You specified that character set via <meta charset="[CHARACTER_SET]">.
March 05, 2016 14:59 PM

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