In Google Analytics what is the relationship between "Event" and "Site Usage" in behavior / events / pages / report

by frosty   Last Updated April 15, 2019 09:04 AM

In behavior / events / pages there are 2 options. "Event" and "Site Usage". What is the relationship between these two settings.

When i select a page such as "/payment" and action "MyAction" i get the below results.

  1. "Event" view: Total events = 3,625
  2. "Site Usage" view: Sessions = 4

In the business logic of our application these 2 values should be closer together. Noticably, the "Site Usage" only having 4 sessions looks suspicious.

To give a broader outline what i'm trying to achieve. I'd like to know the page duration of a user on "/payment" and has the action "MyAction" over the past month.

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