Does using <h3> for subheader directly under <h1> page title impact SEO performance?

by Yuri Borges   Last Updated February 05, 2019 17:04 PM

I'm working with wordpress and avada. In the page title bar settings of each page avada lets you enter a subheader text what is placed in the page title bar directly under the title using .

I'm quite new to SEO and I've found mixed information about this subject online. It isn't clear whether skipping a heading in the situation I'm working with is a bad idea. Most websites say that I should follow the heading level structure, some websites it doesn't hurt to use and skip one level for subheading.

Since the avada theme doesn't let me choose which heading I want, the following question arises: should I really waste time changing the theme in order to implement <2> and subheading for the page title bar, or should I just let it stay the way it is right now using ? Does it really matter for SEO to make this change?

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