Quick deployment strategy suggestion needed

by JC97   Last Updated August 13, 2018 22:04 PM

I'm wondering what would be the best (shortterm) deployment strategy for following situation:

Right now:

  • 1 repository including
    • Landing pages (jsx)
    • vue admin & user modules
    • NodeJS backend


  • 2 repositories
    • 1 backend repository (including vue modules for now)
    • 1 Landing repository (3 nuxt projects)

The reason to exclude the vue modules from the migration right now is because we want these landing pages up asap, but with the current architecture we can't include nuxt pages in the project in such a short timeframe because in the past up until now it's pretty badly organized. The reason there are 3 nuxt projects is because we want each project on a seperate (sub)domain.

Over the next year we're migrating fully to a new architecture that is already planned out, so if there is a "quick & dirty" way we're open for that.

Anyone has a suggestion on how to put this last 2 repositories on AWS in a quick way (including the 3 subdomains)?

Currently the whole repository is pushed using dokku, but since there are 2 repositories + in the 2nd one there need to be 3 subdomains we're not sure that's gonna work.

Thanks in advance!

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