What's up with these sites?

by Julian   Last Updated August 13, 2018 12:04 PM

I am trying to get to grips with SEO, have lurked on this exchange but never posted, so please have mercy if I make any mistakes in this question.

I have noticed a certain website getting a lot of inbound links in from sites like these:

Here's what the homepage of one of them looks like:

A screenshot of the homepage of sellcheap.cf

And here is what one of the pages from inside the website looks like:

A screenshot of a page on sellcheap.cf

They all have the identical stock bootstrap theme, so I would guess they're all part of the same network/owned by the same person. Would the site content be auto generated by some sort of scraping bot?

What is their goal here? I understand the pages are probably for backlinking but why are they operating so many small, low DA sites?

Has anyone seen these sites or very similar before and, if so, what's the deal?


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