which image of AWS to choose for PHP?

by Yuri Borges   Last Updated August 11, 2018 14:04 PM

I want to set up a linux server that will run moodle (an application in PHP) on AWS.

I think the best two images to choose from are:

Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM)

Amazon Linux 2 comes with five years support. It provides Linux kernel 4.14 tuned for optimal performance on Amazon EC2, systemd 219, GCC 7.3, Glibc 2.26, Binutils 2.29.1, and the latest software packages through extras.

Amazon Linux AMI 2018.03.0 (HVM)

The Amazon Linux AMI is an EBS-backed, AWS-supported image. The default image includes AWS command line tools, Python, Ruby, Perl, and Java. The repositories include Docker, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other packages.

Which one should I choose?

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