FTP files to a different server/folder outside of the main FTP server/folder

by Pete   Last Updated August 01, 2018 16:04 PM

We have a source FTP site and we have a bunch of folders where we can upload our files from our network.

Since that server can quickly run out of disk space and now we have a case of uploading huge files, is there any way I can follow the normal process of FTPing files from my network but behind the scenes I am actually FTPing it to a completely different server/folder?

Few points to consider is:

1) Different server or increasing the disk space is kind of ruled out. 2) Directory Junction would have been the perfect solution but our FTP server does not have any other local volumes other than C:/ drive and dir junctions apparently cannot work with any other network folders. 3) Alternatively, If there is a way I can execute a batch file on the remote FTP server that just moves these FTP files but I execute the batch file from my network, it would be just great!

Thanks much in advance!

Tags : ftp c#

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