Is it possible to bulkly remove faulty pages from google search console?

by VSB   Last Updated July 18, 2018 23:04 PM

Due to error in my sitemap after a hack event, so many non-existing pages were listed in my site map which google tried to index them. Currently these pages are not present in my sitemap anymore, but they are list in list of not-found or access denied reports of google search console as shown in this picture.

enter image description here

Are there any remedies to this situation?

Since there are many of these pages (About 570K+16K), I cannot remove them one by one. So I want to know if there are any faster ways to remove whole of them instead of manually removing them one by one (which seems impossible).

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Google will eventually stop reporting them, but they will still be on record. The good news is it has no negative consequences. One option is to change them to 410 status, so they get reported slightly differently, and may disappear quicker.

Tony McCreath
Tony McCreath
July 19, 2018 13:41 PM

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