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I have been struggling to understand one basic concept of off-page SEO. Suppose i have a website Now when i researched for keywords i got the following good keywords

keyword one

keyword two

keyword three

Now what is the best way to do back linkings on good PR websites.

1 - Should i comment,bookmark, make a article, forum comment etc and mention my main website's url


2 - I should create individual pages in my website with the keywords i researched. for example. ,,

and then i comment,bookmark, make a article, forum comment etc and mention my keyword pages links there ?

What is the best approach towards this ?

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Answers 1

Let's start with the basics: Indexation, Content, and Popularity.

  • Indexation: Searchers' spiders must be able to access all your site without any error.

  • Content: You need to provide the content you want to rank for.

  • Popularity: Quality links will help to rank better and faster inside the SERPs.

In order to rank efficiently in searchers (and to focus on your audience) you need an optimal browsing directory or web structure with unique and quality content.

Before generating content you should design your sitemap and define what URLs you need to create to rank for your goal keywords. The more pages you create, the more quality traffic you could catch as long as they are SEO valid.

(In general) you will rank good with your home ( for brand and general terms with huge searchers but conversion will be low. On the contrary, long-tail terms based on internal URLs such as would have less traffic but a better percentage of conversion.

So, answering your question, it will depend on your strategy:

  • If you want brand awareness, link back to your home
  • If you want leads/conversion, link back to long-tail pages
July 12, 2018 07:14 AM

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