Removing Paginated URLs from Google Search

by Max   Last Updated May 28, 2018 08:04 AM

I have a website running on Django, Python. I'm using django pagination so that users can click next & see further content.

For example, my website is, so when user requests new page it takes them to & & so on . . .

But, the problem is that google has indexed all the paginated webpages (?page=2, ?page=3, etc.) & also showing the duplicate title error inside console.

So, I want to remove all the paginated webpages accept from search results. I tried adding canonical tag <link rel="canonical" href="" /> & then tried removing page using console remover, but my request was denied & the page is still there.

I was thinking about a solution, which is to add this code,

{% if not request.get_full_path is '/' %}
    <meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow">
{% endif %}

But, this logic is not working as it should. The if statement is not working properly.

How we solve this problem? Thank You . . .

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