Trying to find who sponsors a website

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As part of a debate, I'm trying to find information about why children shouldn't play violent video games. However, a site says that they're actually beneficial for you, and the more violent the better. However, I couldn't find many other sites that said anything different, but I'm still worried the opposite team might use this site. So, I've tried searching up on who sponsors the website, suspecting it may actually be a game company, even though it 'supposedly' claims it's reporting a study from American Psychologists. I've tried checking the 'Who We Are' section of the website, but I couldn't find anything. I also tried searching them up on domain browsing sites to see any correlation between them and a game company, but I can't find anything. So, my question is how do I manage to find who has sponsored a site, pr donated/brought a share of it?

Here's the link:

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