Google search console after DNS change crawl dropped to 0

by gmm   Last Updated May 15, 2018 17:04 PM

We recently upgraded our Go Daddy servers on to a faster one. The new faster servers had a different IP address but our domain name had to stay the same. So we pointed the old domain to the new IP address on the faster servers and moved all the old site files to the new one. By doing this our google search console showed a crash on crawl bot and organic search. We are no longer getting any crawls and our organic search went to 0.

The old server was never turned off just in case if something goes wrong. The website is built with WordPress and on the old one, it no longer works for some reason because the domain has changed probably. The old verification meta is still on the old website it's also added on to the new website. From my assumption google is still picking up the data from the old website on the old IP.

Is this what's possibly case? How can I resolve this issue without losing my SEO ranking?

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