Are Facets and Categories the same or exclusive from one and other?

by Craig   Last Updated April 16, 2018 01:04 AM

I am currently working on an eCommerce website, which typically have the following URL structural examples:


Whilst the above pages target high search volume keywords, they do feel rather 'messy'. As such, I have been thinking of integrating a Faceted Navigation.

What I am thinking of, is having the following URL structure:

On the above URL, then have the following Facet titles:

  1. Subject: Roses, Violets, Sunflowers etc.
  2. Colour: Red, Yellow, Black & White etc.
  3. Style: Abstract, Fine Art, Figurative etc.

Personally, I feel this would provide a better user experience as well as organising the pages a little better; removing excessive amounts of Product Categories.

Where I have come a little stuck, is in establishing the difference between a Facet and a Child Category; primarily when it comes to SEO.

The obvious difference being the URL. The 'simple' URL, would be:

with a Facet URL, looking more like:

My question, really, is three fold:

  1. Is a Facet, simply a Child Category?
  2. Does that mean, a Facet merely pulls the products from their associated Child Categories and outputs them to the page, the Facet is on?
  3. Is a Facet completely separate to Categories? Therefore, Child Categories still need to be created with the Facet being assigned the noindex tag or even a Canonical tag?

Ultimately, I am trying to avoid the issue of duplicate content whilst maintaining organised Product Categories.

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