GDPR cookies, do I need to store consent serverside?

by Tschallacka   Last Updated April 13, 2018 17:04 PM

Seven years ago: Where to store users consent (EU cookie law)

Now: A new GDPR approaches on the websphere....
So now with the GDPR coming in effect next month I'm faced with a cookie law question again.

Since cookies are now classified as personal data there is this consent requirement that is a bit stricter. And since the fines are higher also(4% of year sales), I want a check on what is correct.

My current hunch is:

Store the consent in a cookie, so the site knows what the do -> The functional aspect
Store the consent also serverside in a database -> The legal burden of proof aspect

But what bothers me and I can't find anywhere is:

Do I really need to store the consent also serverside? It does touch on the processing personal data requirement etc... which leads me to saying yes, but i'm not a lawyer nor an expert in the new cookie law.

What would be the wisest approach for handling these permissions?

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