IP manages to get through CloudFlare?

by W z   Last Updated March 24, 2018 14:04 PM

I am hosting my website on my Raspberry Pi at home, and I am using CloudFlare as a CDN. In CloudFlare DNS, there is an A record for both www and my domain pointing to my IP address. If I check WhoIs and DNS records, my IP can't be seen, instead CloudFlare's IP is seen. I am running Apache webserver and Webmin & VirtualMin on my Pi. On the webserver, WordPress is installed with the WP Statistics plugin enabled. Now, that plugin can show statistics and the IP address of users visiting my site. Please correct me if I am wrong, as this is the most likely cause of the problem, however from my checkings, the plugin does not use external sources and is fully hosted on my website.

Now, in the admin panel, I can see the actual IP addresses of the users, and NOT CloudFlare's IP addresses! How can this be happening? If all of my statements are actually true (which I beleive so) and I have not screwed up, it means CloudFlare is leaking my IP address as well.

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