How to go through Wikipedia articles using arrows?

by Stacker   Last Updated March 06, 2018 23:04 PM

I am interested in increasing my general knowledge by going through a lot of Wikipedia pages, either by going through pages by subject or by going through pages alphabetically, such as in this page. I prefer using keyboard shortcuts, as that is way faster than using mouse clicks. But I have no clue in finding out the right shortcuts.

My question consists of smaller questions, each asking which keyboard shortcut is the best to use.

  • After hovering my cursor onto a Wikipedia-hyperlink (and underlining it), how can I use the arrows to go to the most adjacent hyperlink (and have that selected/underlined)? (Just like in text documents where pressing down an arrow leads you to the most adjacent letter in the direction you pressed.)
  • When an underlined hyperlink is selected, which keyboard shortcut can I use to open that hyperlink in a new tab (and stay on the main page where I'm doing my procedure, instead of going to that new opened tab)?
  • When I have opened my Wikipedia tabs (let's say I have opened 40 Wikipedia article tabs in 60 seconds, using the two steps above), how can I use the arrows to go to the most adjacent opened tab (which are of course either left or right from the tab you're on)?

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