Will Great Content On A Brand New Website Attract Links "Naturally"?

by Kannan   Last Updated February 13, 2018 14:04 PM

I have just started a brand new website in a domain that I have a decade of experience.

As like any website creator I would like to see search engine visits to good quality content on my website.

I am ready to do everything to make the content original, in-depth, insightful and practical. I am ready to work as hard as possible "on my site". I know the basics of keyword research and I can find reasonably good keywords to write.

But the ONE question that discourages me every time I start to write is this:

I am not good at networking. I am not good at contacting any webmaster for links. To me, emailing for links hurts my ego. I would rather spend the time in creating good content on my website. My question is, are "natural" links flowing to a good website overtime is "real" (, thus helping SEO)? Don't say after a couple of years of 8-8 hard work I am going to realize the TRUTH that links don't come 'naturally' unless I am 'lucky'.

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