User-Tracking free Advertising Network

by Snappawapa   Last Updated December 07, 2017 04:04 AM

I am starting a website and I am looking for an advertising network that simply does not track users (other than when they might click on the ad, of course).

Does such a service exist? I did a bit of googling (Ironic, yes), and turned up empty.

The purpose is of course to eventually provide my users with a website they can feel safe on, yet still be able to generate enough revenue to keep the lights on.

I did see posts relating to 'Responsible' ad networks, but these things seemed more focused on ads that aren't obnoxious or in your face rather than privacy of the users.

It seems as though that 'The Deck', which was mentioned in other posts and appeared to have been a pretty privacy centered ad site, has been shut down.

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