Properly switching Sitemaps with Wordpress and Search Console

by Brett Powell   Last Updated June 21, 2017 02:04 AM

I uploaded a new post on my Wordpress blog on Saturday. By the next day it was on the second page of Google. The third it day had dropped to the fourth page and then completely disappeared after that.

After looking into it, I found that my normal Sitemap (generated by Jetpack) did not even have it included with everything else. For whatever reason, Jetpack had made some separate News Sitemap XML. It was listed there by itself and this particular Sitemap was never submitted to Google (not to mention the post isn't even news)

I've been unable to get a response from Jetpack, no idea how to fix that, nor what caused it to happen. As such, I am switching over to Yoast SEO Sitemap instead. Instead of /sitemap.xml though it is /sitemap-index.xml. I went ahead and submitted it to Google Search Console but I am unsure how to move forward.

Should I just remove the Jetpack "sitemap.xml" from Google Search Console which has already been indexed? Should I leave it in place and let there be duplicate Sitemap entries? I don't want to lose my rankings in Google by screwing something up.

Thank you!

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