sending bulk email with different names in reply address and spam filtering

by Jeff O'Neill   Last Updated March 05, 2017 19:04 PM

I have a web service where I send out bulk email on behalf of customers. The sending email address is the same for all customers, something like [email protected].

When sending out the email on behalf of a customer, I'd like to specify the name of the customer in the email address.

For example, when I send email for ACME Inc., I'd like the the email address to look like:

ACME Inc. <[email protected]>

But I send email on behalf of Globex Corp., I'd like the email address to look like:

Globex Corp. <[email protected]>

I know how to do this, but would using different names with the same sending email address raise any flags with spam filters or email blacklist sites? Email deliverability is very important.

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