Microsoft Application Registration Portal for university mail account

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Based on this project in python I am trying to make a web application to access my mail inbox to then filter a set of messagges (with a regex) and extract the addresses of the receivers. I am stuck on the following step (from the

Generate a client ID and secret

Head over to to quickly get a client ID and secret. Using the sign in buttons, sign in with either your Microsoft account (, or your work or school account (Office 365).

This works for my own personal Outlook account, but it fails for my university mail account (which I access through Outlook Web App and that I actually want to use it on). My personal account is a regular [email protected] account, whereas my university one is [email protected](*). When I enter [email protected] as user, it automatically goes to a personalised university themed log in page where I am prompted to log in with a shibboleth system. However, when I enter the correct credentials, it loops back to the log in page, saying I have not entered the right username and/or password. With the very same credentials however, I can log in to our Outlook Web App mail client. Does this mean my university has blocked the possibility to get client ID's based on mail addresses for their domain via the Application Registration Portal?

I am completely new to this, so sorry if this is also the wrong Q&A community for the question - I was not sure were to post this :)

(*) acutally .be since I'm from Belgium, but whatever.

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