Are there keyboard shortcuts to zoom in a Google Document?

by F Hill   Last Updated March 13, 2018 03:03 AM

In the top left of Google Docs is the zoom amount - default is 100%. Is there a way to increase this size - aside from using the browser's zoom (ctrl and "+" or mousewheel).

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Well that's a design faux pas, isn't it? Having something on a shortcut button that's not also in a menu?

Anyway, after perusing the extended keyboard shortcut list, the closest thing I've found is:

  1. Use Alt+/ to open the "search menus" option
  2. Type Z to bring up a bunch of options, including all of the "zoom" options
  3. Use the arrow keys to move to the value you want and Enter

search menus with zoom options

October 13, 2015 15:03 PM

I was looking for this as well and did some digging. Google Docs now has keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of the document (and not the webpage itself).

The shortcuts are:

Zoom in: Ctrl+Alt++

Zoom out: Ctrl+Alt+-

I found these in the HelpKeyboard ShortcutsSearch keyboard shortcuts (you can type anything here). Strangely enough, the official Google Docs Keyboard Shortcut page ( makes absolutely no mention of this at all. Weird. Anyway, below is screenshot showing the info in Google Docs. No mention of Mac shortcuts, so Mac users please chime in if Cmd key is needed instead.

I'm guessing these are possibly newer keyboard shortcuts since the official Google Docs page doesn't even list them and other people have struggled with this issue for many years, including me. Makes me wanna search that Help section even more now and find other hidden gems.

Hope this helps!

Zoom Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

March 13, 2018 02:14 AM

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