Why don't I get Twitter notifications when people reply to me?

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For months I had been periodically tweeting questions at various public figures, and when I thought they didn't answer, I removed the tweet.

Now I've just discovered "Interactions" under "@Connect" on the Twitter site, and realised that they were replying all along, but I have no idea what my original questions were because I deleted them. (Which is really frustrating.)

What I don't understand is how this happened in the first place.

Why don't I get a notification informing me when someone has @replied to me? What am I missing here?

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Answers 2

Before you deleted the tweets you would have checked the Interactions and Mentions tab for the replied tweets.

After you delete the original tweet to which other people have replied you cannot know which is the tweet which they have replied to.

This is the case as if in a forum the original thread which has been answered is deleted for which you only see the answers and not the question.

You cannot get notifications on Twitter (web) on the Connect tab unless you check it. Although you can set the email notifications on when someone mentions you on Twitter or replies to your tweet, or retweets your tweet, or favorites your tweet.

plain jane
plain jane
December 05, 2013 04:45 AM

In my case, I had all filters activated, included quality filter. silly algorithms twitter believe improve your experience... but all the contrary

September 11, 2019 23:28 PM

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