How can I open a local file with a local program through my browser?

by Punchy   Last Updated September 10, 2017 23:03 PM

On my web page I have placed a link to a local file (e.g. text.docx on my local HD). I would like to double click on this link, and have third party software which is installed locally on my PC (e.g. Microsoft Word) open it. I would like to be able to do this with Firefox and Google Chrome. Obviously, I am a newbie to web programming.

Can somebody show me the way?

I have looked around and had the impression that I need to write and add an extension, maybe?

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Answers 1

If you are on windows, you could try with a link like file://c:/test.doc

Tell me if it works, I have not tested it myself, if one clicks on such a link from a web page, but it works to simply type this in the address field of a browser.

January 24, 2012 21:09 PM

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