Pull value from one sheet from exact row and column input

by Brian4591   Last Updated September 10, 2019 17:03 PM

OK this one is far out of my league.
To simplify things:

B4 has a "data validation" drop down list Ex. Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, etc
B5 has a "data validation" drop down list Ex. 500, 1000, 2000, etc

Has Rows named Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, etc
Has Columns named 500, 1000, 2000
The cross reference cells between the rows and columns names has numerical values

On Sheet1
I'd like to create a cell (B6) that shows the value of the selection from B4 and B5. Ex. B4 you select Surrey and B5 you select 1000. B6 inputs the value from Sheet2 that is from Row Surrey and Column 1000

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