How to develop real-time application avoid update collisions and log data updates

by iMMuNiTy   Last Updated April 15, 2019 08:03 AM

I have an application with react/node.js and firebase db.

Application is a page form where non-logged in user[customer] ( with session Id cookie) fills his details for buying a product (each product is assigned with a seller).

There are registered users, sellers, with a dashboard where they can see / edit that forms (customer's or product details).

I want to make it real-time but of course there is always the problem of double update an input by both seller and non-logged user.

How can I prevent that? Should I add a flag on the session in the db with a timestamp and currentEditor so I should not allow the other person to edit but only to view the real-time changes? (And if the flag's timestamp isn't updated it would allow the other user to take control after a certain time).

Also If I want to log the changes that have been done ( for example seller changed address number on xxx date) should I create a separate database and log something like Session Id, user, data name, data value, date)?

Is my plan correct or is there a better solution?

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