Google Sheets - Importrange

by Darth Silva   Last Updated September 14, 2018 13:03 PM

Currently we have one summary sheet called Order_Summary which collects data, one day per column and someone at work creates a new column daily. We now have another google sheet which now records an end of day summary for the whole business and some of that report asks for data that comes from Order_Summary and some from other sheets.

To save everyone in the business a headache of replicating data from one sheet to another, i would like to use the "Importrange" function which i have used and seems to work BUT i need to enter the formula into each new day so it points to the new Order_Summary column which is created daily.

Is there a quick way of doing this, basically how do i automate Sheet1 which has tabs created daily to pull data from another google sheet which has columns created daily?

As a one off i can make it work but i cant seem to automate this.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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