How can I share access to a Google account?

by ahorn   Last Updated August 10, 2018 12:03 PM

I help to run a small organization, which runs a camp for two weeks per year. We use a free Google account for e-mail, and there are some items stored for safekeeping in the Drive. There are a few people who benefit from accessing the account simultaneously, myself included, for slightly different purposes. But, in the past this created a problem when Google wanted to verify sign-in attempts from Brad (pseudonym) by sending a notification to my phone, which frustrated him. I had initially linked my phone to the account after signing in myself (to use Google Photos), and then Google persisted with verifying sign-in attempts on my phone. Eventually, I gave Brad a once-off backup code, so that he could sign in remotely and access the e-mail. He needed to use the account more than I did, so he changed the phone number to his phone, and changed the password.

So, I lost access, and I didn't want to trouble Brad more, so I left it (that was two years ago). However, I still want to upload and organize all the photos from each camp on Google Photos, so that they are safely stored there in the long term, and we will be able to collect photos from campers more easily there, and then share them on our website. Also, I want to access the account to update and organize our contact list, and to check that all the important documents are organized in the Drive. It would also be cool if I linked our business to a listing on Google Maps. I think it's best if I do these things rather than somebody else, because I know how to do it, and I have time.

What is the best way for our organization to share access to our account? My best idea is to set up two-factor authentication, because then multiple phone numbers will be able to be added to the security settings. However, this can be a hassle, especially for older people. Personally, I prefer using an authenticator app with 2FA, because then getting the code is faster, but I think that I can only have the authenticator app on one device, so my friends wouldn't benefit from that technology.

I have tried searching on the internet for suggestions, and I saw that I can "delegate" someone to look at the Gmail, but I don't want to use the e-mail—that's Brad's job—I want to use the Drive, Contacts, Photos and Business.

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