Uploading same video on same channel but shorter

by Azz Kawa   Last Updated July 21, 2018 21:03 PM

Running a Youtube jokes series, each video 15mins long. In each video there are 10 categories (10 different "types" of jokes). Each category aims at different types of watchers, and each category has a name (lower third) so people can connect with it better.

From comments its obvious that some people like one type of jokes (categories) and others like different ones. Usually they write "that categorie is awsome, cant wait for more".

Videos we publish must stay in full length (15mins) becouse of sponsorship, but for those people that come back and want to see all jokes in a specific category from all past videos we would like to create playlists.

So, leaving main videos as they are in full length, we are thinking in creating 10 playlists which would carry category names and uploading 1-2min. videos that are cut from main video.

Would Youtube consider this as a spam ?

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