Multi-part data validation and calling formatting in google sheets

by Craig Collins   Last Updated July 11, 2018 20:03 PM

I have a couple of questions:

Is it possible to make a conditional formatting or data validation rule such that multiple data types can be input into a cell and the cell will automatically separate the data and format the cell depending on the data entered? For example:

  • When user inputs data "XY; 123" into cell A1, the cell uses only the XY data to format the cell a certain color but leaves the data

In the example above, is it possible to make another sheet retrieve the data in the above example cell, separately? For example:

  • A cell on another sheet calls the above cell, and retrieves the two pieces of data separately such that it can be differentiated

Alternatively, is it possible to make a cell call the formatting of another cell, such that if example 1 is not possible, the cell can be manually formatted a certain color such that another cell can call that formatting and determine the data type?

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