Google spreadsheets: How to get average session per user instead of all users?

by 023023   Last Updated March 06, 2018 07:03 AM

In google spreadsheets I'm trying to get the average session per user from Google Analytics, so I tried ga:avgSessionDuration on metrics, ga:date in dimensions, it returned me the time in seconds, so I used =TEXT(P2/86400;CHOOSE(MATCH(P2;{0\60\3600};1);"s ""s""";"m ""m"" s ""s""";"[h] ""h"" m ""m"" s ""s""")) to transform the value into hours, minutes and seconds, like this 1 h 49 m 29 s, but this is getting the full time session of all users. Is there any way to get the average session PER user?

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