Sitecom WLA-3001 USB WiFi adapter doesn’t work

by CreFroD   Last Updated November 14, 2017 18:02 PM

I have bought Sitecom WLA-3001 AC450 USB WiFi adapter for my Up-Board running Ubuntu Server 16.04. When I connect it, it is seen by lsusb, but is not recognized by ifconfig or iwconfig. I downloaded the driver for mac, and when I unzipped the package there was another one inside, called rt2870resources.pkg. I found many tutorials for RT2870, for example here. But all these tutorials ask to download the driver from Ralink's site, that doesn't exist anymore. On the MediaTek site, there is the Linux driver but it looks absolutely same as mac driver from Sitecom. The other problem is that this tutorial was written in 2010, but this chip should have WiFi ac support. There are even earlier tutorials, dated 2007. Is it actually possible to get this adapter work on Linux? Where do I find the driver? Should I follow this tutorial? Thanks for answers!

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