How to remove grub loader command line after deleting ubuntu

by Somesh Kelkar   Last Updated November 14, 2017 18:02 PM

I wanted to remove ubuntu mate and install normal ubuntu 17.10 so i followed the online tutorial telling me to go into windows disk management and then deleting the ubuntu partition and extending a normal partition into the now unallocated partition. But then when i restarted I landed on what was called the grub recovery command line. I restarted again and pressed f12 to get into the bios settings and then booted into windows. I changed the boot sequence through advanced startup and put windows boot manager on top so now i am directly booting into windows but in my bios, the ubuntu option still shows whenever I do advanced startup on windows.

i want to completely remove ubuntu so i can install ubuntu 17.10 through a bootable usb. Can someone please tell me how to do it?

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