The joyful "Reallocated Sector Count" Failing alert... Fix?

by Sonnatta Reel-Name   Last Updated September 13, 2017 14:02 PM

So this is NOT an old laptop, and my Windows OS crashed after upgrading it to Windows 10 last year. So I recently tried Ubuntu as I heard good things about it. This is what happens:

After installing, I get error message after error message saying "Sorry, Ubuntu 16.04 has experience an internal error.", and so I decided to try to restart it and go to "Try Ubuntu (Without installing)". When I did this, I went to Search - 'disc' - Selected the HDD - SMART Data & Self-Test. It appears the Reallocated Sector Count is at 133 normalized, with the worst being 133, and the threshold being 140. It is the only mark that is in the failing state, everything else is OK. So because of this, the Overall Assessment: Disk is likely to fail soon.

Now I do have an above-average computer knowledge, but no where near the smarts of developers. I do however have more of a technology design type knowledge. From my reading, it is something that happened INSIDE the HDD, maybe a moving part got damaged. Regardless of what it may be, does anybody know of a fix to this error?

I am aware that a lot of people say the disc is done for, and I understand that. However I am looking for a 'potential' fix that maybe hasn't been done, aka soldering a new wire or cable, linking two parts together, etc. Otherwise, I would be willing to try a whole computer based approach, aka right now I am just doing an "Extended" Self-Test on the HDD.

Any replies would be appreciated guys!

Thanks in advance.

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