Nvidia prime vs bumblebee fps drop issue

by philsegeler   Last Updated October 09, 2015 22:01 PM

It was 2 months ago that i switched to bumblebee from nvidia-prime due to prime not liking nvidia-340+ and booting to low-graphics and followed the instructions here in my answer: Nvidia Driver and Heating Problem to install bumblebee. It got installed successfully BUT:

Previously with nvidia-prime games ran flawlessly (excluding tearing) and had no fps drop at all no matter the temperature of my laptop (90C on GPU after 5 minutes) My games: TF2, ETS2, WoT + wine, War Thunder...

After i installed bumblebee somehow gpu temperature was capped at 80C and games went from ~40 to 15fps and stayed there... not only that but my whole desktop started to slow down, until i after i had exited the game.

Cleaning my laptop and swapping thermal paste helped, but my laptop still reaches 80C. It is a heating issue, but it DIDN'T happen with nvidia-prime

I tried setting intel_pstate to performance and nvidia settings : Prefer Maximum performance, but there was no effect.

I strongly suspect the i915 driver is at fault...

it happens with both primusrun + optirun no matter their command parameters. https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/issues/141

This is similar to what i experience...

Any ideas? Anything that i could try?!!!

Sorry for the long post, but i have to explain... Please tell me if i could provide any more info!


i5-3210M GT 650M

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