LTSP client boots on busybox

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I've installed an LTSP server on my linux desktop 12.04 (virtual machine), set all the necessary network settings.

Now I created a thin client using virtualbox, booted (after starting up the server obviously), the client connects to the ip address, boots, but all i see is a busybox.

Shoudln't there be a desktop??

I tried installing an LTSP server on a 10.04 desktop, this time the client booted in a busybox with this error: Error: failed to connect to NBD server.

I followed this guide :

except for the client I created a "host only" NIC instead of a bridged one.

I've really been stuck with this for a long time, could somebody please help?

Answers 2

I figured out the problem. Turns out the nbd-server config had the wrong export path

go to /opt/nbd-server/config


    exportname= /opt/ltsp/images/i386.img
    port = 2000

restart the nbd-server witht he command

sudo /etc/init.d/nbd-server restart

Also, I'm not sure but I suspect that you have to chose a static IP address different from the gateway address.

and voilĂ  solved.

September 02, 2014 11:09 AM

I have the same error, but file ltsp_amd64.conf in /etc/nbd-server/conf.d/ is ok. There are the same strings with amd64 instead i386 (autoreplaced at build).

exportname = /opt/ltsp/images/amd64.img
readonly = true
authfile = /etc/ltsp/nbd-server.allow
Anatoly Borisenkov
Anatoly Borisenkov
February 13, 2018 13:08 PM

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