New computer boot/live usb issue Ubuntu 12.10

by ryanleesipes   Last Updated October 17, 2018 21:02 PM

Built a new computer with these specs:

AMD A6 5400k process with AMD Radeon HD7540D graphics (built-in)

FM2-A75IA-E53 mobo

8GB Crucial RAM

I can install and run Ubuntu 12.04. But if I try to update to Ubuntu 12.10 or just install 12.10, the computer just hangs on boot at a blank purple screen.

Note: I tried 13.04, same issue.

Answers 1

Figured this out. For whatever reason it would not boot if the live USB was plugged into a USB3.0 port on the computer.

After switching to one of the 2 USB 2 ports it worked correctly.

Seems like a bug with USB3.0 in Ubuntu. Worked properly on other machines though (driver problem maybe).

May 24, 2013 20:18 PM

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