What is the recomended application set for QA/tester's suite in Ubuntu?

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I work in SQA as Test manager/Tester and I want to get more from my Ubuntu desktop. Unfortunately Ubuntu does not have much software in repository for this task. Can you recommend set of Linux applications a software tester should have and eventually how to install it?

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I have been away from QA since 2007, and was at the time working with windows. So needless to say at the time I did not think much of any tools that would run under Linux. So I've done some research, and I found many tools that can be used.

ABI Compliance Checker. A tool for checking backward binary compatibility of a shared C/C++ library. It analyzes changes in API that may cause compatibility problems: changes in call stack, v-table changes, removed interfaces, etc.

Autonet. Autonet is a GUI network test platform, internally it's based on CLI to communicate with devices. It can help you to arrange test cases, setup commands to devices ,run commands to check results and record test results.

Doit: Simple Web Application Testing. Doit is a scripting tool and language for testing web applications that use forms. Doit can generate random or sequenced form fill-in information, report results (into a database, file, or stdout), filter HTML results, and compare results to previous results, without having to manually use a web browser. It uses a console-based web client tool (like Curl or Wget) to send and receive HTTP requests and responses respectively.

PETA. Eclipse-based platform for automated software testing and covers the software life cycle from the specification up to the maintenance phase. The components of message based software systems like Client-/Server-, Multitier- and Service-Oriented-Architectures (SOA) may be simulated as well as tested in isolation and in their supposed interaction.

And others too many to list. Most of these tools will run under Linux, and I will include these links, that will give all the information that you need ( description, platform, download location, and installation procedure).

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