Same problem watching downloaded video files but not online videos

by Iustina   Last Updated September 11, 2019 23:02 PM

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my Dell Latitude E6330 notebook. Everything works just fine, except when I try to watch some video files I downloaded. So I installed VLC, SMP and mpv. Then I installed a codec. I updated. I restarted. Same problem: whichever video player I use, of the ones I mentioned above, to open a video file, the video gets interrupted every few seconds and so on. Why do I have the same problem with watching downloaded video files, regardless of the media program I use, but I don't have this problem when watching online videos? I watch videos for hours on youtube but I never experienced this or any other problem. Can all the video files I downloaded be corrupt? They didn't come from the same place. Should I try to use a program to fix the corrupt files (if they really are corrupt - I didn't get any notification of the files being corrupt)? Or is the problem deeper than that? I am aware that my laptop is pretty old and the version of Ubuntu I used is also not the newest out there, but it's the best I can do for now. Please help. I am out of ideas.

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