Out of boot space, deleted some previous kernels, updated and everything appeared ok, can't boot

by Robert W   Last Updated August 23, 2019 04:02 AM


Upon logging into Webmin, I noticed I had lots of updates waiting, and a warning my boot partition was out of space. This wasn't the first time I encountered this exact issue, and I just deleted some files according to https://1reason.com/webhosting/ubuntu-ran-out-of-free-space-on-boot-drive-partition/

It seemed to go well. I had more space, and was able to install all the updates.

When I rebooted the system though, it didn't come back online. This server serves my CRM system, and it's stopped my company in its tracks.

I've tried using repairs etc.. and I was able to get the system to boot again, albeit it's as if it's a shell of a boot, without any of the "normal" abilities a server would have, much less the LAMP stack.

It appears I have the three partitions etc... as the link demonstrates to the best of my ability to understand the results.

More importantly, all the files I could use to transfer into a new system aren't able to be viewed (or more) due to permission restrictions.

I didn't actually think too much about it (other than the time wasted to transfer the files) because I have a daily backup using Duplicati. However, even though I tested the backup system using the same server, I didn't try migrating to a new server, and I'm over my head trying to recover.
It appears to be a relatively "easy" fix, but I'm at wits-end....

Any help is greatly appreciated. And, as someone who has generated millions of pageviews, I wouldn't mind writing a piece about the help received here too if it can help someone in return.

Thank you

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