cannot delete files from partitions

by janc24   Last Updated August 14, 2019 17:02 PM

I have a HP G450 laptop that has been running windows 10 for plex. Since windows started to suck big time i thought i have to change the OS to ubuntu, first time installing.

I have removed the ROM drive and replaced with a 1 tb drive.

So i have the original 750 gb that has 2 partitions: - One is 69 gb that had windows installed, to which i have installed ubuntu 19.04 and now it is partition type linux, ext4 and is mounted at filesystem root; - One is 682 gb that i have personal files on that i cannot delete, move, etc... that partition type is NTFS/exFAT/HPFS; - and 2 mb of free space.

And a 1 TB drive that has 2 partitions:

  • 1000 GB that i have personal data on it, partition type basic data, contents NTFS.
  • 210 MB EFI System - fat 32

I cannot delete or move any of the files from the 682 gb and 1000 gb partitions. If i insert an USB 1TB hard drive that is ntfs formatted, i can delete/move files around.

Screenshots of Disks

Any idea how to get permission on these drives?

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