get rid of master boot record

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Have old hard drive that had ubuntu on it. Now I have a new machine. It came with 'windows 10 but it is a what I would call a boot leg copy and can't be registered. I have decided to return to ubuntu 18.04. That is coming along well. I have 2 new hard drives and have formatted my old hard drive and want to use it for storage but it still is master boot record and I can't get rid of that. it is still trying to boot from that and I have to turn it off when booting up. I haven't run into any in fo on just this problem. formatting does no good. I am still stuck. I am like Forest Gump not a smart man.

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The easiest (and riskiest) would be to do something like:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd{yourhdd}

this will effectively fill it with zeroes. You can terminate the command after a few seconds, the beginning of the drive will be erased. Then you can reformat as you prefer. But be very careful not to erase another drive. I would go as booting from an usb and physically disconnecting all other HDD/SDD drives.

Dr Phil
Dr Phil
July 12, 2019 22:51 PM

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