Problem about /dev/sdc2:clean blocks

by myzh215219   Last Updated May 15, 2019 18:02 PM

guys.My English is not good.Apologize. And here's my problem,I installed Ubuntu 18.01.2 LTS to my Mechrevo X1 GTX 1050 laptop to build dual system (with win10 pro) earlier.After some works,it runs perfect.I installed nvidia graphic driver and some development apps.And I have another moniter, it's works well.I always play games on windows,and switch to ubuntu for work.One time I boot ubuntu, the screen of my laptop got message '/dev/sdc2: clean ****/**** files, ****/****** blocks', but the second moniter works.I can not remember what was the last change of system.Is there some way can solve this?

Tags : nvidia

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