Can't see partitions made using windows AKA Unscrew windows partitioning

by Senseless   Last Updated March 14, 2019 21:02 PM

I'm relatively new to the linux world, please be easy on me. I'm mostly using Windows 10 (1809, 17763.379) due to gaming. I recently installed Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon on the same PCIe NVMe drive Windows runs on. Got no problems with dual boot or anything like that. Things are mostly working fine, there are some open source programs that help with programs that aren't available for linux like Corsair keyboard drivers/software, Logitech mouse drivers/software or even software to configure my watercooling.

The one big problem I'm having is the drives. I'm specifically talking about 3x 2TB HDDs. Two of them running in RAID0, the other one running in AHCI.

Since they're nearly full and the partitions where made using windows I can't figure out how to mount - or for that matter - even SEE the partitions using linux.

Just a brief overlook about what I CAN see:

[email protected]:~$ lsblk
NAME                         MAJ:MIN RM   SIZE RO TYPE   MOUNTPOINT
loop0                          7:0    0     2G  0 loop   
└─cryptswap1                 253:4    0     2G  0 crypt  [SWAP]
sda                            8:0    0 111,8G  0 disk   
└─sda1                         8:1    0 111,8G  0 part   
sdb                            8:16   0   1,8T  0 disk   
├─sdb1                         8:17   0     1M  0 part   
├─sdb2                         8:18   0   127M  0 part   
└─sdb3                         8:19   0   1,8T  0 part   
sdc                            8:32   0   1,8T  0 disk   
└─isw_dbfcghchig_Volume1     253:0    0   3,7T  0 dmraid 
  ├─isw_dbfcghchig_Volume1p1 253:1    0     1M  0 part   
  ├─isw_dbfcghchig_Volume1p2 253:2    0   127M  0 part   
  └─isw_dbfcghchig_Volume1p3 253:3    0   3,7T  0 part   
sdd                            8:48   0   1,8T  0 disk   
└─isw_dbfcghchig_Volume1     253:0    0   3,7T  0 dmraid 
  ├─isw_dbfcghchig_Volume1p1 253:1    0     1M  0 part   
  ├─isw_dbfcghchig_Volume1p2 253:2    0   127M  0 part   
  └─isw_dbfcghchig_Volume1p3 253:3    0   3,7T  0 part   
nvme0n1                      259:0    0 447,1G  0 disk   
├─nvme0n1p1                  259:1    0   549M  0 part   
├─nvme0n1p2                  259:2    0 324,5G  0 part   
├─nvme0n1p3                  259:3    0     1K  0 part   
└─nvme0n1p5                  259:4    0 122,1G  0 part   /
[email protected]:~$ df -h
Dateisystem              Größe Benutzt Verf. Verw% Eingehängt auf
udev                       16G       0   16G    0% /dev
tmpfs                     3,2G    1,9M  3,2G    1% /run
/dev/nvme0n1p5            120G     45G   70G   39% /
tmpfs                      16G    151M   16G    1% /dev/shm
tmpfs                     5,0M    4,0K  5,0M    1% /run/lock
tmpfs                      16G       0   16G    0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs                     3,2G     48K  3,2G    1% /run/user/1000
/home/senseless/.Private  120G     45G   70G   39% /home/senseless

Windows Disk Manager

As you can see.. when I went and extended my partitions (since I didn't know how much each needed when I installed the drives) either a) I'm apparently to stupid to correctly extent partitions or b) windows went totally derp and fcked sht up.

Is there a way - exept saving what can be saved onto other drives and nuke the three 2TB drives - to get access to those "lost" partitions using Mint?

If you might need it: I'm using a ASUS X99-DELUXE Board with a relatively new UEFI. (If you need it, I can look up the exact UEFI version).

Hopefully you have good news for me. I want to escape the slavery of Microsoft.


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