Problems with mouse and time

by luca131   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:02 PM

I've just installed Ubuntu on dual boot with Windows, with 18.10 version, and I've found out three problems. 1. I've a bluetooth Microsoft 3600 mouse. When I try to connect it in Windows session, I would have no problems, but when I try it in Ubuntu session, it wouldn't been shown in the "shown devices" page. Some ideas? I've tried to search a solution for it on the Internet, but no one of them works. 2. Using the touchpad, I noticed that the right key is recognized like the left key and to give the right key input I have to press on the touchpad with two fingers (I hope I've explained it clearly). I have tried to find something on the Internet, but also there no one solution works. 3. The time on Ubuntu was one hour behind. I've tried some solution that counseled to change the time in the pc's bios, but now I have the right time on Ubuntu and one hour behind on Windows. Some solutions? Sorry for my uncorrect english. I hope that someone can help me Grazie a chiunque risponda dell'aiuto :)

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