Ceate a yes/no dialog box to verify user entries

by jonathan adams   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:02 PM

I am writing a bash script that prompts for for several user entries prior to the start of the script. I am looking for the best way to use dialog to have the users verify the information. I am trying to modify the example below:

# dynbox.sh - Yes/No box demo
dialog --title "Delete file" \
--backtitle "Linux Shell Script Tutorial Example" \
--yesno "Are you sure you want to permanently delete \"/tmp/foo.txt\"?" 7 60

# Get exit status
# 0 means user hit [yes] button.
# 1 means user hit [no] button.
# 255 means user hit [Esc] key.
case $response in
0) echo "File deleted.";;
1) echo "File not deleted.";;
255) echo "[ESC] key pressed.";;

I am running it to some errors though when trying to create it. Basically I want a yes/no dialog box to say

Please verify your entered information:
Install SSL : $InstallSSL
Domain Name : $DomainName

the left side will be static text where the right will display the variable.

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Answers 1

You can include newlines in a double quoted string which also expands variables:

dialog --title "Verification" \
--yesno "Please verify your entered information:
Install SSL : $InstallSSL
Domain Name : $DomainName" 7 60
November 08, 2018 22:22 PM

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