Very weird flickering on desktop

by Agustín Covarrubias   Last Updated October 11, 2018 21:02 PM

Shortly after installing Ubuntu 18.04 in my computer I noticed that very frequently and without any apparent reason the desktop and specially Google Chrome windows (although not exclusively) start flickering, like momentarily showing windows that are behind it.

I recorded a short GNOME screencast.

You might notice that GNOME is very heavily themed, but the error started happening before they were installed (I've been trying to find the problem for a while now). I even changed kernels afterwards, without any change (I had to patch-in compatibility for my touchscreen).

This is an HP Envy X360, running at full 1080p. I suspect it might be related to the AMD drivers (native Radeon R7).

Any ideas for debugging or any fix? I can't even describe the glitch properly so I haven't had any good luck with Google.

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