Persistence, casper-rw partition problems

by Rick   Last Updated July 12, 2018 00:02 AM

I've been through numerous sites/forums/how-to's and still am baffled. What is causing the problem, I believe, is the casper-rw partition not being recognized at bootup. I have looked at few posts here and must say, it's rather confusing. So, what must be done to make the casper-rw partition be recognized at bootup? And, I still have to delete the casper-rw file in the O.S.? Running Xubuntu 18.3 live--2GB partition for O.S. and 1 GB for casper-rw(ext2) on a 16GB Lexar 2.0 pendrive. The link listed below gives a fairly accurate description of my problem:

Unable to boot Ubuntu Live USB Flash Drive with casper-rw persistent partition

Appreciated: Rick

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