What's it called when you have multiple network adapters and use them with different software

by Zeltig   Last Updated June 19, 2018 00:02 AM

I am looking to setup a new in-home server using an old laptop.

It will have an external USB drive, which will be a NAS. I will also have a Plex server and the usual LAMP.

Due to the slow 100Mbps ethernet adapter, I want to add a Gigabit "Ethernet to USB adapter". I want to setup the Plex server to use the built in ethernet port, and the NAS and Webserver to use the Gigabit ethernet to usb adapter. As I should be able to get a few more MBs file transfer out of the USB port.

I can't see why this wouldn't be possible. What do you call it when you use more than one ethernet adapter and use different ones from different software?

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What you want to do is to bind a service to a specific network interface, ie to a specific ip adress.
It is binding a service to a listening ip address or interface.

There is probably no specific HowTo about doing this, but it is just a part of the configuration process for each of the services you plan to deploy.

June 18, 2018 23:20 PM

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